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Kawa Colombia Excelso

250g, 1kg

Kawa Exclusive Blend

250g, 1kg

Kawa Etiopia DJIMMAH

250g, 1kg

Ethiopia Dijmmah is obtained from coffee tree shrubs which is believed to be where all coffeeoriginated from. Atmospheric conditions and good quality beans make Ethiopia Dijmmah oneof the most recognisable Ethiopian coffees. It is characterised by an extraordinary mildness,dominated by spicy aromas combined with hints of fresh green cucumber. It is a strong coffee,perfect for the morning. See in store

Kawa Nikaragua SHG

NIKARAGUA SHG 100% Arabica
250g, 1kg

This 100% Nicaraguan SHG Arabica is an exceptionally mild and highly balanced coffee. The ab-breviation SHG means Strictly High Grown and describes coffees from plantations situated from1500 to 2000 meters above sea level. Nicaragua SHG is characterised by a slightly sweet honey tasteperfectly combined with peanuts and notes of blackcurrant. Black tea and floral aromas harmonisethe medium acidity of this coffee. See in store

Kawa Kostaryka SHB

KOSTARYKA SHG 100% Arabica
250g, 1kg

Costa Rica SHB is one of the best-known and valued coffees from Central America. It has a mild,balanced taste which has been recognised for years by connoisseurs around the world.The abbreviation SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) means that it grows only at high altitudes of around1500-2000 metres above sea level. A predominant taste in Costa Rica, SHB contains flavours of darkchocolate perfectly combined with toasted almonds. It also contains a noticeable delicate clove aroma. See in store

Kawa Meksyk SHG

250g, 1kg

100% Arabica Mexico Altura is a coffee with big, single-origin beans grown on the ecologically cleanMexican plantations. It is incredibly balanced between acidity and natural sweetness which makesAltura one of the most valued coffees in the world, and the keystone of Mexican coffees. The clearlynoticeable fruity sweetness of this coffee perfectly combines with its butter and cinnamon taste. See in store

Kawa Salwador SHG

SALWADOR SHG 100% Arabica
250g, 1kg

El Salvador SHG (Strictly High Grown) grows in areas situated over 1200 meters above sea level.It is perfectly harmonised and has a gentle taste. It is characterised by its high acidity. This CentralAmerican coffee has both an exceptionally smooth and silky taste, but also a clear, full and richflavour with noticeable hints of fruits of the forest and a mild cinnamon and spicy aftertaste. See in store

Kawa Gwatemala SHB

GUATEMALA SHB 100% Arabica
250g, 1kg

Guatemala SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) is considered as one of the best coffees in the world. It is grownat an altitude of more than 1600 metres above sea level. Volcanic eruptions cause large amountsof nitrogenous compounds to penetrate into the soil, what fertilizes it. It is the best natural fertilizer.This coffee is characterised by full yet mild tastes of maple syrup and fresh walnuts. It is well bal-anced and very aromatic. See in store

Kawa Brazylia Santos

BRAZIL SANTOS 100% Arabica
250g, 1kg

Brazil Santos is a great coffee classic.Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee (over 30% of the market). Arabica Santos comes fromthe area of the Brazilian city, and port, of the same name and is characterised by average acidity andblack tea aroma. Noticeable sweet fruits such as mango and melon with ripe citrus fruits (oranges)ensure an extraordinary, slightly sweet taste. See in store